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WSF Dialogue 2015


Whether was it funding, partnerships, collaborations or business ideas, these selected pitches got their stage time during the 2 day Dialogue-Hackathon to pitch their thoughts and ideas with the audience. Are you keen in what they are proposing? Do you wish to fight alongside with them? Contact them now to get the street food scene rocking ahead!




  • 8.00am

    Welcome Reception and Registration

  • 9.30am

    Emcee Welcome Speech by Victoria Cheng

  • 9.35am

    Speaker: KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra

    -Will Singapore street food culture die
    -Recap of what WSFC13 has effected
    -Mention of speaker for WSFC15
    -Singapore new gen hawkers
    -Pitch wall

  • 10.05am

    Speaker: Anton Diaz, founder of Our Awesome Planet

    Topic: Revolutionizing the Filipino Food and Street Food Culture in Manila

  • 10.35am

    Speaker: Claus Meyer, Founder Meyer Group, Melting Pot Foundation, Co-Founder of Noma, Founding Father of New Nordic Cusine Movement

    Topic: Combating Poverty with Deliciousness- Bolivia, the next street food frontier

  • 11.05am

    Tea Break

  • 11.25am

    Speaker: Sangeeta Singh, Street food programs manager of National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI)

    Topic: 6 million hawkers legitimized, whats next for NASVI

  • 11.55am

    Speaker: Peter Lloyd, Executive Chef of Spice Market Restaurant

    -Street food is a cuisine
    -The art of street food in a fine restuarant

  • 12.25pm

    Speaker: Sean Basinski, Founder and Director of the street vendor project

    Topic: To the streets! Building power in the big apple

  • 12.50pm

    Closing Q&A before lunch

  • 1.00pm

    Lunch Break

  • 2.05pm

    Hackathon- Town House Discussion (Education)

  • 2.35pm

    Hackathon- Town House Discussion (Tourism)

  • 3.05pm

    Hackathon- Town House Discussion (Crossing Borders)

  • 3.35pm

    Tea Break

  • 3.55pm


  • 5.30pm

    End of Day 1


  • 9.20am

    Emcee Welcome speech by Victoria Cheng

  • 9.25am

    Speaker: KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra

    Highlight of Day 2

  • 9.40am

    Speaker: Paul Qui, Chef/ Owner of Qui restaurant and East Side King

    Topic: From find food to finding your footing in food business

  • 10.10am

    Speaker: Ian Kittichai, Award Winning Chef/ Owner of Kittchai Kichen, Issaya

    -Food Demo
    -Reinventing Street Food for a Global Audience

  • 10.40am

    Tea Break

  • 11.00am

    Speakers: NYU Panel

    Topic: City Food- Lessons from people on the move

  • 11.35am

    Speaker: Odilia Wineke, Food editor of Detik online

    Topic: Creating tomorrow’s flavour of Indonesia- what will it takes

  • 12.05pm

    Speaker: William Wongso, Celebrity Chef

    -Food Demo
    -Unique flavours of Indonesia

  • 12.35pm

    Speaker: Stephen Werther, CEO of WiNK retail group & Co-founder of Bourdain Market

    Topic: Creating the world most iconic hawker centre in New York

  • 1.05pm

    Closing Q&A before lunch

  • 1.15pm


  • 2.20pm

    Hackathon- Town house discussion (Retail opps, pop ups, food trucks- where is street food headquartered?)

  • 2.50pm

    Hackathon- Town house discussion (Trade-products/ services)

  • 3.20pm

    Hackathon- Town house discussion (Open floor ideas)

  • 3.50pm

    Tea Break

  • 4.10pm


  • 5.35pm

    Closing speech