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Jamboree 2017 Food Spread

Jamboree 2017 Food Spread

28 top street food chefs and vendors/hawkers from around the world will descend onto Manila for this year’s World Street Food Jamboree. They include household names from India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Japan.

This year’s Filipino specialties will feature six cities and regions from Davao city, Bicol, Pampanga, Iloilo, Ilocas and Bacolod. They are all personally curated and checked by WSFC founder KF Seetoh and it includes traditional favourites like PIaya from Bacolod and a funky Sisig Paella from Pampanga.

31 May 2017 (Wed) to 4 June 2017 (Sun)

Prices of Food:
From PHP 150 onwards

- black vinegar ter ka ginger guangzhou wsfc17 (21)


102 House, China 

This hot shot young chef-owner of 102 House, Xu Jing Ye, is known for implementing contemporary techniques with age-old recipes. Chef Xu is always imploring new skills to improve the taste of traditional dishes. One of his popular dish is the sweet black vinegar, ginger and pork trotter stew, a traditional new mother’s confinement stew which has health benefits and in loved by anyone partial to this flavour- an irritatingly addictive pork stew.


soi lumchrysanthemum mochi dumplings guangzhou (2)


Big Brother Restaurant, China 

Big Brother is a popular restaurant in Guangzhou, China, many of the locals and visitors  gravitate there for comforting local flavours which includes dim sum , roast goose and noodles. But they will offer another Guangzhou icon, not popularly seen elsewhere, the Soi Lum, a bean paste mochi ball in a light syrup perfume by candied chrysanthemum leaves. Also available are the Red Bean Soup with Aged Tangerin Peel, and the Ginger Milk Custard – all, truly spectacular Cantonese desserts.


 - WSFC17_MingWay_FoodPhoto 1


Ming’s Way, China 

Known as the breakfast father (he insists on cooking breakfast for his children), Chef Ming is  the owner of Ming’s Way Restaurant. He is highly popular and is often invited on to many food programs in China. He constantly seeks to improve his skills and techniques by talking and getting to know other chefs and food enthusiasts. Chef Ming cooks up a mean Chinese Style Beef Stew with Herbs which is intensely rich in flavours and is highly addictive



Northern BBQ Team by Meatsmith & Friends , Germany

The Germans are famous for their sausages, all sorts of it. The Bratwurst is a traditional German snack – a chunky and savory pork sausage that truly reflects the German food culture. It has a meaty bite crunchy bite that is well loved worldwide.


- Litti_Chicken 

DK Litti, India 

36 year-old street vendor Dinesh Kumar first arrived in the capital city from a remote village in Darbhanga at age of 16 and started out selling snacks such as Jhaal Murhi and Bhelpuri. Today, he owns three mobile carts selling Litti Chokha and Litti Chicken – he adds spinach to the Litti dough/bread for more nutritional value.



Mangla Chaat, India 

They started from a small stall in Old Delhi, where Dalchand  inherited his skills from his father, and then went on to open a popular shop, Mangla Chaat, offering popular street snacks like Aloo Tikki – an Indian croquette made from potatoes, onions and various spices and lentils, then served with sweetened curd, coriander and tamarind chutney. True and real deal Indian street food fare not commonly seen outside the land of the Maharajahs.


WSFC17_Iga Bali_BBQ Pork Ribs

Bali BBQ Ribs “Warung Sunset”  by Chef Yudi, Indonesia


Chef Yudi is an Indonesian chef and master of Balinese traditional herbs and blends. Known for his Bali BBQ Ribs, made popular at the Sunset Café in Bali. He uses baby back ribs marinated with Asian spices and then roast it over charcoal fire. It is served with a spicy salad.


+ Batagor Putri Food Picture #4 - Peanut Sauce and Condiments

Batagor Putri, Indonesia


Originated from Bandung, Indonesia, Batagor is a fusion of 3 items, Bakso, Tahu and Goreng (Meat ball, tofu and fried) with a peanut sauce sweetened with sweet soy and lifted with lime. Batagor Putri is a young, one year old establishment operating in Dusum Bambu, Bandung. This unique Indonesian dish is well loved by the locals as well as the tourist and international foodies. The fried fish/meat tofu ball awashed with the moreish peanut sauce is addictive. You’ve been warned!


Martabak Manis “San Francisco” by Mr. Buyung, Indonesia


Martabak Manis is a recent wildly popular variation of sweet martabak or appam balik or the Chinese mee chang kueh. Mr Bong Kap Kap Djun started selling this well-loved snack in 1965 in a street stall. He renamed it Martabak San Francisco in 1967. Since then they have created a healthy martabak manis with no yeast and no artificial sweeteners, yet it yields the same results – crispy edges and soft gummy body.


- DSC04415

Kushikatsu Darama, Japan


A must-visit in Osaka, Japan, Daruma is where you will find both locals and tourists. Their kushikatsu – known as fried food on skewers – are coated with a light batter than deep-fried to a lovely golden brown hue. The magic is his special dip sauce with hints of soy, sugar and vinegar. It is best paired with a glass of icy cold beer.



Evergreen Putu Mayam, Malaysia

Putu Mayam is a South India dish that is  popular in Malaysia – due to the migrant worker food culture yesteryear. Known as string hoppers (the anglicised name), the thin mount of rice noodles are perfect with grated coconut with palm sugar. Evergreen Putu Mayam is owned by Uncle Ari from Penang, Malaysia, and he has been serving it for over 27 years!




Pasillo De Humohas, Mexico 

Chef Alam Mendez and his mum, first started in Oaxaca,Mexico, in their family run business 25 years ago and has since expanded with a second outlet. With his newest eatery, Pasillo de Humo, in Mexico City, Chef Mendez hopes to be able to share traditional food from his hometown of Oaxaca – such as his humbling and authentic Fish Taco and  Pork Trotters with  Black Bean Tostadas


WSFC17_Bacolod_Piaya 2

Fresh Start Oanics, Bacolod, Philippines 


With 12 years of experience, Mr. Uy and his wife started Fresh Start Organics in 2005 with the production of organic fertilizer, organic farming and eventually having their own processing facility, even marketing and retailing it. He wants to be a catalyst of change- by introducing healthy local bred organic ingredient, while uplifting the lives of small farmers and preserving the environment. He is offering their classic Piaya with Moscovado sugar and also one heady and new version, Piaya with Chocolate. The ultimate snack, just add coffee, preferably unsweetened.


Sarsa Group, Bacolod, Philippines 

Celebrity Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa Restaurant fame, a Bacolod boy at heart will stuff their signature bbq Chicken Inasal into a Pita pouch bread. Marinated with lime, pepper, vinegar and grilled over hot coals, expect this creation, created with WSFC, to be a runaway hit at the Jamboree.


WSFC17_Bicol_Express Risoto 2

Chef Andreas “Andhie” Nacion, Bicol, Philippines 


This spicy, creamy pork dish, a desperate invention by the Bicolians as a way to keep the tummy happy on the long train journey from Bicol to Manila (hence the name) is stepping up the game. It is served here as Bicol Express Risoto done with crispy chicaron and greens. Done at the suggestion of WSFC, this dish is all about the evolution and change of heritage food, without being different.

- WSFC17_Bicol_Penangat burger and moringa leaves 2

Popular in the Bicol region of the Philippines, this dish of pork stuffed dried taro leaves parcel stewed in coconut milk, is now served in a toasty pandesal,is uber moreish and so hearty yet funky.  Who says you cannot give a new face to old flavours?


Grilled Chicken with Black Grated Coconut

Satti Tausug, Davao, Philippines 


Alhamdulillah Satti Tausug House of Halal Food began from Chef Warina’s love for cooking as a young child when she heartily cooked every meal for her family. The very homely and little eatery only recently in September 2016. This is the taste of Philippine Muslim food, and it is in a league of their own and second to none.

Their Pyanggang grilled chicken and Junay with egg is originally a delicacy endemic to the Tausug from the Province of Sulu. This dish, served with spicy rice, is an embodiment of their culinary essence that Chef Warina stands for.



- WSFC17_Davao_Pork Monggo at Thrunks 3

Thrunks, Davao, Philippines 


A personal favourite eatery of President Rodrigo Duterte himself, Thrunks Carenderia is the must go for their famous and  popular Pork Mongo dish. They have been at it since 2010. This mung bean stew is lovingly and slowly stewed over wood fire and infused with a porky touch. Served with rice, it is a signature of Chef Ermelita Castanieto in Davao, in her humble carenderia.


philippines ilocos march17 (26)


Herencia, Ilocos, Philippines 


Interestingly, the people behind Herencia Restaurant come from a myriad of backgrounds including 2 doctors, 1 medical representative and 3 businessmen. Of course, this does not compromise on the quality of food and Herencia has been around since 2006. The name of the dish is actually from the Ilokano word pinakebbet. Pinakbet is a mixed vegetable dish of with pork and shrimp paste with cheese, served on a slice of thin crust pizza.The Longganisa  Bagnet Pizza is a gorgeously dangerous mix of local sausage and fried crispy pork done pizza style. You cannot miss out on this one


- philippines ilocos march17 (271)

Lani’s Batac, Ilocos, Philippines 

Passed down from three generations, Chef Melany Simbulan takes pride in her family business that started in 1941. She has personally run this outlet for 24 years, and she insists on using only the most authentic ingredients from her grandmother’s recipe from Illocos. A pioneer of this dish in Batac, Empanada is a stuffed fried pastry. This version is done with a oozy cheesy twist and it takes traditions up a flavourful notch.


- Beef Tongue Lengua Con Setas Oliva Gua Bao

Rafael’s La Cocina Del Sur, Iloilo, Philippines 

Chef Rafael Javier Jardeleza Jr. is an Ilonggo heritage cuisine advocate. His eatery Rafael’s La Cocina Del Sur is known in Iloilo as a little culinary gem that defends delicious Ilonggo cuisine and has been featured in many local as well as international television programmes, magazines and blogs like “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” and “Amazing Race Asia”. His Batchoy recipe, a soup noodle dish made with pork organs, chicken stock and beef loins, comes  from his grandmother.  His other offering, Spanish and Chinese inspired Beef Tongue Lengua Con Setas Oliva Gua Bao, with make you go soft in the knees. The tongue is richly flavoured and  stewed till tender and served in a Gua Bao.


WSFC17_Pampanga_Goat Sinigang

Norma Garcia, Pampanga, Philippines 


They started in 2009 with only two ingredients – duck and goat. Chef Norma Garcia of this very humble Taldawa Carenderia will presents two very hearty dishes with Goat Sinigang and Kalderetta. The sharp sourness of the broth compliments the tender goat meat, which is softly gamey and sour and  beautifully balanced. Her Goat Kalderatta is lovingly stewed slowly over wood fire with tomatoes, carrots and some chilli. This is perfect with a mouthful of rice.


WSFC17_Pampanga_ChefSau_Sisig Paella_Kare Kare Palabok

Cafe Fleur, Pampanga, Philippines 


A dish that is specially created for World Street Food Congress 2017 by Chef Sau Del Roasario of 25 Seeds Restaurant. Just imagine them taking Aling Lucing’s iconic creation a step further and resurfaced as a paella, all roasty, porky, spicy, limey, crispy, and intensely flavourful. This is a must-eat!

That famous Kare Kare is now given a wicked twist. Chef Sau at the behest of WSFC is now twisting Palabok into a savoury smooth peanut stew and topped with crispy pork belly and greens. You won’t forgive yourself if you miss this one.


nasi lemak makansutra hawkers

Makansutra Nasi Lemak 

This is the recipe of WSFC founder KF Seetoh and sold at Makansutra Hawkers in SM Megamall. It is one of Singapore’s favourite all-day-and-night breakfast dish. Nasi Lemak means rich rice which is fluffy coconut rice served with a cluster of moreish toppings fried crispy and crispy through baby fish, sambal eggs, sayour lodeh, cucumber, ikan bilis and a fiery chilli sambal. It is delightfully served on a banana leaf.



Keng Eng Kee, Singapore

Coffee Pork Burger and Curry Chicken Burger
Established in the 70s by chef Liew Choy, he has now passed the reins over to his children, Wayne, Paul and Geraldine – Paul and Geraldine manage the front of house and administration, with Wayne in the kitchen. They offer classic Singapore favourites like chilli crabs and cereal prawns, but they also offer a fresh take on old comfort fare.


- mee goreng

Alhambra Satay, Singapore

Lamb Mee Goreng and Roti John
Uncle Sam Hussin is a second generation street-side hawker of the now defunct Satay Club in Singapore. His style of the fiery red spicy sambal Mee Goreng is accompanied with fork-tender lamb chunks and greens. Equally good and popular is the hearty and eggy Roti John – pan fried egg baguette served with chicken.


- wsfc17 salted egg yolk ribs wit fries by hk chun kee (18)

Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee, Singapore

Fried Salted Egg Yolk Pork Ribs and Crispy Fried Cereal Chicken Chunks
Ah Yau was a disciple (turned entrepreneur) of the famous and original HK Street zhi char master, the late Ah Hon. He now operates a few outlets in Singapore and his addictive Fried Salted Egg Yolk Pork and mouth-watering Cereal Chicken Chunks are a hit with customers both young and old. He runs a popular stall at Makansutra Gluttons Bay in Singapore as well as Makansutra Hawkers in SM Megamall, Manila.



Chiayi Chenjia Oyster Omelette, Taiwan

Chiayi Chenjia Oyster Omelette has been around since 1958 and will be celebrating its 60th anniversary next year. A long time night market favourite for many local Taiwanese and tourists, his starchy eggy style oyster omelette is made from the fresh eggs and oysters mixed with special starch mix. It is then fried edge crispy and then bathed in a savoury sweet and tangy sauce and served with chopped green onions. There is only one of Chiayi Chenjia Oyster Omelette store in Taiwan as she does not believe in franchising so as to ensure the best oyster omelette experience for their customers.


- Som Tum + Mooping with Sticky Rice

NCC Catering, Thailand

NCC Catering is managed by F&B International Co. Ltd since 1992. Dishing out several popular and addictive Thai street food, they are known for their Moo Ping (Thai grilled pork on skewers) which is best eaten with sticky rice, and spicy-tangy Som Tum (green papaya salad).

- Tab Tim Grob

The only authorised caterer that manages the food at Queen Sirikit National Conventor Center in Bangkok, Thailand, NCC Catering does exceptionally good savouries dishes as well as desserts. The Tub Tim Grob (water chestnuts wrapped in tapioca flour, and served with sweetened coconut milk and ice) and Khao Niaw Ping (grilled glutinous rice stuffed with banana) are a hit with the locals.


- Fish & Chips Final

Year of the Fish Food Cart, USA

Edward MacGregor opened Year of the Fish food cart after dropping out of the fine dining industry – he worked in several restaurants and owned a family food business. He offers traditional or gluten-free batter as well as interesting options of fish such as cod, red snapper and halibut.




BÁNH XÈO MIẾU NỔI is the embodiment of what street food is all about. This family business started as a result of Chef Nga’s necessity to make a living for her large family. With a heavy food cart pole on her shoulders, she moves about town to offer one of her specialities Banh Xeo, and had been at it for the last twenty  years. Currently, Chef Nga’s children are helping and beginning to inherit the business and they hope to expand and share this food love to folks from around the world too.  The speciality, Banh Xeo, a crispy rice pancake with meats, seafood, mung beans and sprouts, is about family and friends coming together. It is served with fish sauce and sometimes with chilli sauce, this is a culinary icon of sorts for Vietnamese and travellers as it is so easy to like a savoury kaleidoscope of textures and taste


Banh Beo_Food Picture 1

Bánh bèo Bích Liên , Vietnam

Bánh bèo Bích Liên has been hawking their signature for 38 years, selling the famous Bánh Bèo, also known as water fern cakes, a smooth and wobbly rice cake with toppings. This culinary icon hails  Unesco heritage city of Hue and they offer it in Ho Chi Minh City.  The bánh bèo is made with rice an starchy flour, beans and greens with dried shrimps. It is a fairly tedious process, especially in getting the batter and steaming method right. Ms Bich Lien ensures that the ingredients used are carefully selected, fresh and that the cooking time is regulated. Ms Bich prepares this popular street food snack diligently and she hopes to be able to preserve this traditional Hue dish for future  generations to enjoy.


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-25 at 16.30.23

Flavors of Fire, Philippines

Chef Michelle Adrillana is chef,  restaurant consultant, and a Filipino Food advocate. She has been promoting the Filipino cuisine in countries such as Australia, China, and the Middle East. I. Her advocacy to make the Filipino cuisine world class and appeal to the international market, she created Kaldereta Ramen for a tv show episode a few years ago, which is a flavorful combination of a stew and and soup which is an interesting meal on its own. It’s hearty, mildly spicy, layered with flavors and a lot of stories. This dish is a must try at the WSFC 2017!



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