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Why you need to be here

The World Street Food Congress is for you if you are:
  • F&B Entrepreneurs/Restaurateurs: If you would like to seek new skills, partnerships and ideas
  • Trade /Manufacturing/Services: If you would like to seek new products/services, concepts/ideas and markets availability
  • Food Tourism: If you would like to find out how authentic street food experiences can be made a travel icon and the developments in food tourism space
  • Chefs and Street Food Experts: If you would like to seek and exchange new skills, recipes, concepts and partners
  • Education: how can culinary institutes offer programs to set you for this new dynamic heritage street food space of tomorrow. And how, plus why.
  • Social Enterprise: If you would like to meet other players worldwide looking to or have empowered the disadvantaged with street food skills and opportunities.
  • Students: If you would like to see and listen to what opportunities the new world order of comfort street food culture holds for you.
  • Retail Space Managers and Food Lifestyle Thinkers: If you would like to create culinary experiences and touch points for your visitors and customers.
  • Government representatives seeking opportunities: If you would like to create new space in your markets for job creation, trade, manufacturing, tourism and national culinary heritage recognition.
  • Thinkers and Academics: If you would like to find out how heritage food culture and a new connected world changes culture and lifestyles.
  • CFOs, Funds, Venture Capital or Investors: If you would like to understand the magnitude of ideas in this new comfort heritage food opportunities that piques your Interest. THE FIRST, WORLD STREET FOOD PITCH-BOX is about YOU, not just the presenters we connect with. We need to hear your ideas and pitch it to the world of players in this field. Sign up for the World Street Food Dialogue and fill up the form with that idea you are burning to realise to help take comfort street food culture even further. Your good ideas will be allowed a special 3 minute Pitch Box Stage. You tell it like it is and to the point, and let the world professional audience and media respond, reflect and follow up at this World Street Food Dialogue. Short. Sharp. Meaningful.

“In 2013, we heard from Industry Experts In 2015. They are back BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ... we want to hear from YOU”

Attendees are encouraged to pen down under 30- word long ideas on the idea Idea board Board where relevant ideas will be extracted from and presented to the audience at the hackathon Hackathon and pitch Pitch box Box session. Whether you need funding, partners, leverage, skills or connections etc... good ideas should be made to breathe and realised.