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Why the World Street Food Awards?

Why the World Street Food Awards?

The WSF Awards serves as a yardstick of comfort street food excellence. It must serve its role as an inspiration for a new order of the industry while emphasising the World Street Food Congress’s mission: to preserve, professionalise and identify possibilities that nurture the world’s comfort and street culinary heritage. Through this recognition, the WSFC seeks to open this big green field of opportunities. It seeks to inspire skills development, stimulate education and skills acquisition which equates to more jobs and self-employment opportunities or entrepreneurism, more exciting menus for the culinary space and even deeper development in culinary travel and trade. This creates a new demand for these breed of street food professionals and heightens awareness for this already famous food culture.

There are 5 categories of awards in total. They are

  1. Best 20 Street Food Masters
  2. Best Street Food City
  3. Best Street Food Concept/Restaurant
  4. Best Writer/Commentator/Blogger
  5. Best Publication

Judging and Selection Process


The World Street Food Congress has, for the last 10 years been working and identifying the list of reputable players in this field. It works in tandem with its worldwide team of advisors (including the World Street Food Council) alongside a team of international researchers and peers, including event creator Makansutra, who, over the last 18 years, has been inking comfort street food guides in various countries, operates and consults in food court business models and concepts, produce its own international street food TV shows (on Discovery, MediaCorp and Asian Food Channel) and has online and mobile content businesses. It’s curator KF Seetoh, has also been tasked with helping to curate the upcoming Bourdain Market in New York. Covering all aspects of the industry—from well-established street food cities and unique food court concepts, to food journalists to associations that work to promote and look after the interests of street vendors by addressing concerns of the various elements in the changing food landscape, the voting and selection process is rationalized with a tight format – there is an Awards Committee made up of dedicated culinary travelers and partners/advisors as well as industry professionals who volunteer their time and have a strict and clearly articulated viewpoint derived from their knowledge in the field and industry, as well as being in various bodies and organisations that champion this food landscape. The committee works in global zones.

Winners will be announced shortly after the World Street Food Congress. Every winner will be accorded a World Street Food Congress Certificate of Recognition of the highest order from the World Street Food Congress.