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World Street Food Congress

World Street Food Congress 2016

Date : 20 – 24 April 2016
Venue : Bonifacio Global City, Manila

The brandchild of heritage and street food maven KF Seetoh of Makansutra, the WSFC was created in 2013 largely to capitalise on all the relevant aspects and opportunities of heritage street food culture around the world. It seeks to address three most pressing points of this culinary Street Food culture which serves to be the Pillars of the event:

  1. To Preserve…it’s foodways, heritage and celebrate the culture
  2. To Professionalise.. with a new thinking of delivering , serving and entertaining with street food culture
  3. To imagine new Possibilities.. to seek a new space for tomorrow’s world of street food soldiers to defend and game on.

The WSFC has three segments which serves to Discuss, Celebrate and Recognise the best in the fields through three components at the event:

  1. The World Street Food Dialogue ( a two day Dialogue/ Conference and Hackathon)
  2. The World Street Food Jamboree (a five day street food feasting festival with the best in the world)
  3. The World Street Food Awards ( where up to 10 categories are recognised)

Dialogue over 2 days (20-21 April), where some of the world’s most influential movers, thinkers, food gurus and advocates will get together to advance Ideas, Campaigns and Aspirations. As part of the dialogue, delegates can also pitch their ideas and share about their products at the “Pitchbox”, for the world to hear.

A feasting festival over 5 days (20-24 April) featuring 24 Street Food Masters from up to 10 countries. You can also catch cooking demonstrations and enjoy live music. So come on down with your friends and families, to support the humble hawkers who are helping to preserve the world’s comfort street food culture.

5 categories will be awarded to recognise the best soldiers and leaders in this field of culinary culture and industry.

The World Street Food Congress looks into the space of what heritage and comfort street food culture can provide and serve, like Culinary Tourism, Skills and Education, Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurism, Trade, Professional Services, Media, Preservation, History, Heritage and Continuity and even Commercial Opportunities.


Federacion Drive and 9th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City


7th Avenue and 25th Street
Bonifacio Global City


World Street Food Congress 2015

Date : 8 – 12 April 2015
Venue : Bugis, grassland next to Tan Quee Lan Street

The World Street food Congress has three primary objectives (which is also the theme of the World Street food Congress 2013), to

   Preserve– tell, sell, promote, educate, create, celebrate and harness this great heritage of flavours and tales of the land
Professionalize – take the craft into the next level of operational finesse. Utilize and exercise best in class techniques and thinking.
Possibilities for tomorrow are limitless, because it’s the world greatest food culture

More than 80,000 curious and fearless foodies from around the world
More than 200,000 meals sold

Boosting 24 stalls from 12 cities, the World Street food Congress is back with more delicious offerings located at the HEART OF TOWN, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE!

Theme of World Street food Congress 2015
Engage, Empower, Enterprise

In this 2nd edition, the World Street Food Congress will focus on the actionable where it’s curated to create opportunities and empower masses & link up worldwide partnerships

 World Street Food Jamboree
With the brand new array of 24 stalls from 12 cities from all over the world with offerings rarely seen in Singapore menus, look forward to comfort heritage food around the world, like Nonya Black Satay from Penang, Bolivian BBQ pork & potatoes, Anticuchos, Philippines Sisig, and comfort food from other countries such as USA, while Vietnam and Thailand stalls are back by popular demand. The Jamboree is open to public and boost Masterclass street style demos with free recipes which features chefs like William Wongso, Peter Lloyd and more!

World Street Food Dialogue- Hackathon
Industry thought leaders such as Stephen Werther (The brain behind the upcoming Bourdain Market) and a Panel of food professionals from New York University and more will share their insights on topics that that are actionable and allows empowerment. Audience will also be able to experience a open townhall style discussion with the presenters & audience where their voices gets to be heard too.

Pitch Box Session
Attendees are encouraged to pen down their 50 word long ideas on the idea board where relevant ideas will be extracted from and presented to the audience at the hackathon and pitch box session

Whether you need funding, partners, leverage, skills or connections etc.. good ideas should be made to breathe and live on.

World Street Food Congress 2013

Date : 21 May – 9 June 2013
Venue : F1 Pit Building and Paddock at 1 Republic Boulevard

An overwhelming majority of the world rely on street food regularly for sustenance – from the Jolly Jeeps in Philippines, Kaki Limas in Indonesia, food trucks in Mexico, street food inns in China and Singapore’s and Malaysia’s hawkers stalls and food courts to the cafes and fine dining restaurants that take comfort street food to an exquisite level. This is the biggest, most loved, yet most unstructured culinary culture in the world.

In our 2013 event, we attracted 80,000 attendees over 10 days with 37 street hawker stalls from 12 countries. See WSFC Jamboree 2013 guide here. (Link to WSFC 2013 Jamboree) The dialogue session gathered 22 speakers from 10 countries and discussed heavily about the history, culture and trends of street food cuisines. You can find out more about the topics discussed last year here. (Link to WSFC 2013 Dialogue). The event garnered about 4 million media value and has made a significant impact in kick starting some regional initiatives.

The World Street Food Awards is the world’s first awards of this nature and is aimed at creating heightened awareness and recognition, not just for the street food masters, but for the culture and the country as well. It will identify top players in a number of categories including Best Street FoodCity, Best Street Food Writer, and World’s Best Street Food Masters amongst others. See our 2013 winners here.

the council

The World Street Food Congress is powered by the World Street Food Council*, a think tank comprising prominent names made up of influential thinkers, advocates and movers of the F&B eco-system in world. They will function as thought leaders and vanguards of the industry at the World Street Food Congress. Some of our 2013 council members include:

  • Anthony Bourdain, world renowned television personality, author and avid street food advocate
  • James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief of Saveur magazine and acclaimed author of Cradle of Flavor (one of
  • 2007’s best books by Time Asia and the New York Times)
  • Johnny Chan, Top China TV food host and winemaker
  • KF Seetoh, Makansutra’s founder and CEO

The new 2015 council will be announced at a later date.