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24-Hour Food Tour: What the journalists had to say

24-Hour Food Tour: What the journalists had to say
By Thammika Songkaeo, Makansutra

Our friend from Denmark had many of this first food attempt.

They’ve all been tweeted and detailed, those twenty-four gruelling hours that our global media friends, from countries including Japan, Denmark, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and our very own Singapore, needed to endure on October 18 and 19. They were on Makansutra’s 24 Hour Street Food Frenzy Safari. Our own food guru and director, KF Seetoh, penned his own article describing the purpose: “to update the media, both local and international, on the upcoming second edition of the World Street Food Congress (April 8-12th, 2015)”. It was about the culture, people, life and times in a vibrant street food city. But, naturally and predictably, some got distracted by the food, eating and testing their internal endurance meter.


Top local blogger Johor Kaki was one of those who let you catch up on the eating through pictures (he also was, in fact, one of the four duty hosts). His photos pinned down pretty much all the dishes, from char kway teow to mee kuah upeh and har cheong gai. Johor Kaki’s article is a superb one to check out if you don’t want to just know but also see and by stimulated by what we ate.  (Click here for post)

If you’re looking for something that’s more like an itinerary, there’s Serene Lim’s Today Online article. It lets you replicate the tour at your own leisure. This article has chopped the tour into hours, and it speaks not just of the dishes, but also of the atmosphere of each place. She also divulges information on how her stomach feels throughout the twenty-four hours, so do tune into this if you want to know what to expect for a stomach that’s not sleeping to eat. (Click here for post)


Jakarta Post’s Icha Rahmanti’s article is useful if you want to know just why this official tour is important and more helpful than a solo, perhaps lesser-informed, outing. This article focuses on the stories that the hosts shared – the stories that gave the dishes deeper meanings, thus making eating a more profound experience because of the anecdotes of the people and the events that gave the dishes life. (Click here for post)

If you read Bahasa Indonesia, you’ll also enjoy’s four different articles by Odilia Wineke. Her articles talk about a new view on hawkers’ success, the affordability of street food and the purpose of and plans for the World Street Food Congress next year. (Click here from post)


The media used the hashtags #24hrstreetfood, #wsfcongress, #worldstreetfood and #wsfc, among others, to share their experiences, so if you’re hungry for more descriptive pictures, check out those hashtags to see, and like them, join us for the tour during next year’s World Street Food Congress (April 8-12, 2015)!